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Vertical Apparelinc

Our Story

Welcome to our activewear and jeans factory in California!

With 35 years of solid experience in the sewing industry, we have expanded our operations to meet the growing demand for our services. This extensive experience has made us a reliable and affordable partner for clients looking to expand their businesses with custom production. We can now handle batches of up to 100,000 units.

Our facilities boast impressive capabilities, from small batch production to large-scale manufacturing. We are ready to meet a variety of customer needs, regardless of the project size. If you believe we are the perfect fit for your cut and sew manufacturing project, we invite you to complete a production request.

At our sewing company, we take pride in offering a unique combination of quality, precision, and industry expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that your products are crafted to the highest standards and with efficiency.

Whether you represent an established brand or are an ambitious entrepreneur, we are here to help bring your ideas to life. Whether you need to produce a small line of custom jeans or sportswear, or a large quantity of products, we are prepared to take on the challenge.

In summary, at our activewear and jeans factory in California, we provide a comprehensive solution for your cut and sew needs. With 35 years of industry experience, we are confident that we can meet your expectations. We look forward to working with you and turning your vision into reality!

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture exceptional garments that reflect quality, style, and comfort to meet the needs of our customers. With a special focus on producing high-quality jeans, we aim to exceed the expectations of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. We strive to be industry leaders, maintaining high production standards and collaborating with renowned brands to offer exclusive and durable products. Through constant innovation and a commitment to excellence, we work to make a positive impact on the fashion industry.

Our Vission

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in the manufacturing of quality clothing, particularly in jeans production. We aim to be a reference in style and durability, providing our customers with garments that suit their lifestyle and reflect their individuality. We strive to expand our global presence by establishing strategic collaborations with influential brands and reaching a diverse audience. Through continuous improvement of our practices and the adoption of sustainable approaches, we work to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry and the communities in which we operate.